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Be at the cutting edge of innovation. With a yield increase up to 17%, our patented PIDbox technologies make your solar panel installations outperform the rest.

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A range of products that's built for the modern, smart house. Become the installer of the future with battery support, EV charging, smart devices and solar panel PID reducing.

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The modern day buyer isn’t afraid to ask questions. We’ll make sure you have all the right answers. iLumen enables its partners with quality marketing material, so you can help customers make informed buying decisions.

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The most promising solar technologies in 2022.


Challenge for the solar industry: recycling solar panels

Solar panels are a sustainable option for generating energy, but is their waste as sustainable? The solar energy industry is growing tremendously. In 2000, there was 1.4 GW of solar capacity, which has already rapidly increased to as much as 760 GW by 2020. Solar power now generates about 4% of the world's electricity.

Solar panel feed-in fee in Flanders drops after steep increases

The feed-in tariffs for Flemish consumers with solar panels have passed their peak and have started to decline. This week in 'The hard figures' new market data from the VREG.
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