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Don't leave money on the table.

Potential Induced Degradation, or PID, is potentially decreasing your solar ROI.
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Ensure optimal ROI by solving solar panel potential induced degradation.

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Our products are easily installed onto any PV panel type. Ensuring your ROI increase is near-instant.

A radiant return

on investment

A PIDbox that makes sure your solar plant works at optimal efficiency. Batteries storing power without wasting energy. A solar system that simply works as it should. And more.

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Run solar investments

as if it’s day one.

Meet the PIDbox. A patented solution, developed to reverse potential induced degradation. Maximized performance and prolonged solar panel lifespan, with a yield increase up to 17%. Exclusively available at iLumen.

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Be at the center of innovation.

iLumen represents a community of solar energy expertise. Get up to date on groundbreaking discoveries and innovative technologies. Stay informed about regulations and quality standards.

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The most promising solar technologies in 2022.


Challenge for the solar industry: recycling solar panels

Solar panels are a sustainable option for generating energy, but is their waste as sustainable? The solar energy industry is growing tremendously. In 2000, there was 1.4 GW of solar capacity, which has already rapidly increased to as much as 760 GW by 2020. Solar power now generates about 4% of the world's electricity.

Solar panel feed-in fee in Flanders drops after steep increases

The feed-in tariffs for Flemish consumers with solar panels have passed their peak and have started to decline. This week in 'The hard figures' new market data from the VREG.
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