Ecology. Economically.

Intelligently built, economically executed.

The smart, self-sustaining home where renewable energy flows continuously. The lowest grid dependency possible. That’s a green future.
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Spend less on energy

Intelligent energy management that maximizes solar energy consumption to become more grid-independent.

Built for the future

Interconnected products that allow you to granularly control energy spent in your home.

Smaller carbon footprint

Use the energy generated and keep it within your home intelligently. Decrease your carbon footprint.

Waste less energy.

Save money.

iLusmart serves as your in-house energy supervisor. With full control over energy flow and storage, it advises how to improve your financial outcome. Deep insights in your energy behaviour at your fingertips.

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We’re putting the art,

in smart house.

An all-electric world where everything is connected and communicating. It’s here and it’s here to stay. We facilitate the transition to full renewable energy and provide you with a continuously growing ecosystem to energize your future.

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Investing in green.

We'll help you build for the new economy.

Our products decrease grid dependency, increase intelligent energy consumption and help you decrease your carbon footprint. 
Decrease your energy bill and build for the green economy.

Products powering your smart home.

The connective tissue. Of your smart home.

iLusmart is hardware, software and intelligence collaborating, at its best. It combines an intuitive mobile app and standardized communication and insights across all iLumen products.

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Nighttime massage, for your solar panels.

A patented technology, developed to regenerate potential induced solar cells. It maximizes solar panel capacity, while integrating seamlessly in every solar energy system.

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Take charge of EV charging.

Your go-to smart EV charger. Let iLucharge charge your car while your energy levels are running high on solar power surplus.

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Your energy, where it belongs. At home.

A smart battery system that takes care of your solar energy when you don’t. The most efficient way to manage excess solar energy.

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Reimagine your boiler. As a battery.

iLuheat uses smart technology and integration with your existing water heating system. It then uses excess heating capabilities to temporarily store energy.

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Smart home? Start here.

Deploy batteries.

Use batteries to decrease your grid-dependence and store your generated energy. Our technology ensures maximal efficiency in saving energy.

Reduce PID.

Potential Induced Degradation. Or what's making your solar panels ROI negative. It occurs quite regularly in commercially available solar panels, including yours.

Get connected.

The entire iLumen portfolio understands eachother, as well as an increasing range of other smart products. Start with products that have connection baked in.

Turn up the heat.

Use smart IoT devices to deploy your heater as a battery. With smart energy storage in your boiler's excess heat, you can use saved energy during nighttime.

Take charge.

Use overcapacity to charge your car, with support for car-as-a-home-battery coming soon.

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Carve the pathway to economical ecology. Reach out to our team and get a quote.
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Stay in the know.

Innovation center.

The most promising solar technologies in 2022.


Challenge for the solar industry: recycling solar panels

Solar panels are a sustainable option for generating energy, but is their waste as sustainable? The solar energy industry is growing tremendously. In 2000, there was 1.4 GW of solar capacity, which has already rapidly increased to as much as 760 GW by 2020. Solar power now generates about 4% of the world's electricity.

Solar panel feed-in fee in Flanders drops after steep increases

The feed-in tariffs for Flemish consumers with solar panels have passed their peak and have started to decline. This week in 'The hard figures' new market data from the VREG.
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