Instant ROI increase

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Permanently increasing ROI on solar panels is as easy as installing a box. Free your installation from potential induced degradation (PID) and safeguard against costly efficiency losses.
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Patented, award-winning technology.

Harness the power of iLumen’s patented PIDbox technology and unlock the full potential of your solar panel installations.

The PIDbox.

For increasing yield.

Unique technology.

Seemless implementation with series technology into your energy system. Compatible with all types of inverters.

Solar panel boost.

Ensures increased solar panel yield. Prolongs solar panel lifespan.


A smart investment. Payback period varies between 6 months and 2 years.

Technology independently proven to improve your Solar ROI.

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Tests of PV modules of an installation affected by PID (2014).
On behalf of inverter manufacturer Omron, the PIDbox is being tested for its ability to regenerate PID.
Independent electroluminescence test system manufacturer MBJ tested the PIDbox & coating.
Students take a critical look at the PIDbox from iLumen.

Discover the science behind

and inside the PIDbox

The PIDbox regenerates solar cells by inducing a current back to the panels over night. This blocks potential induced degradation and makes the efficiency of solar panels increase up to 95% after 40 days. The panels will generate less heat, benefiting both yield and solar panel lifespan.

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Increase your expected return and solar panel lifespan.

Independent research proves an average solar panel efficiency increase of 7,45% after a PIDbox is installed. The minimum efficiency increase equals 3%, the maximum increase almost 17%.  

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Easy implementation. Limitless compatibility.

The PIDbox is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. It’s the only solution in the market that is installed in series between PV modules and the inverter. This makes it compatible with all types of inverters and string sizes.

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